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🔰 Soft Mode

When published, by default, your triggers, logix and template files are run with soft mode turned off. This means that if they get an un-handled error (you can handle errors with the Try-Catch block), processing will halt.

While developing this is a little inconvenient so you have the option of Soft Mode.

Turning on Soft Mode will enable your run to continue processing after any errors are encountered.

It's recommended to always do some testing withSoft Mode turned off so as not to miss any potential errors when running a file.

In a Logix

By default Soft Mode is turned off in Logix files. This is to ensure no errors are missed.

In Templates

By default Soft Mode is turned on in Template files. This is to minimise disruption from empty slot errors during preview updates while creating the template.

Before publishing templates

You must make sure you test your template with Soft Mode turned off before publishing.