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👋 Welcome to Comnoco


Comnoco is a fully no-code programming language. It focusses on the backend (there are so many great frontend no-code tools), it does the backend and it does it like nothing else!

You can use it to power your web apps, mobile/desktop apps or to provide APIs for your business or customers. It allows you to easily build and deploy secure serverless APIs in minutes. No coding skills are required.

You can connect to the data source of your choice, it doesn't lock you into a database. This way you can work with best in class and enterprise grade databases as well as other no-code tools.

🙏 Help us out - if you're struggling or need a new feature let us know, we want to be the best so will add features very quickly where possible.

Some Places to Start

Here are a few suggestions to rapidly get started with Comnoco.

  • 🖥️ Use our interactive tour to build a hello world API. Just sign up, log in and select the Hello World guide.
  • 🎓 Get to know your way around the Comnoco app with our Guides.
  • 🎥 Explore our YouTube Channel

Watch us build an API and publish it as a secure and scalable endpoint in minutes