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SQL Database Connect & Validate


Connects to an SQL server and validates the connection

Currently supports:

  • Oracle
  • MsSQL
  • MySQL
  • Postgresql

We will be happy add other databases if you need us to - just reach out to us and we'll see what we can do.

If building a custom connection string (rather than a pre-configured one that you can select) please note that the connection string formats are:

DatabaseConnection String
Oracleoracle://{user}:{password}@{db url}:{port number}/{db name}
MsSQLsqlserver://{username}:{password}@{db url}/{instance}?database={db name}
MySQL{user}:{password}@tcp({db url}:{port number})/{db name}?tls=skip-verify
Postgresqluser={user} password={password} host={db url} port={port number} dbname={db name} sslmode=require


ParameterParameterValid BlocksRequired
Use Dynamic NameShow the Dynamic Name slot in the tree so that it can be set dynamicallyBoolean Block GroupNo
Dynamic NameThe dynamic name of this itemText Block GroupNo
AttributesMetadata values for this block. Used in XML and multipart/form-data.Text Block GroupNo
Database Connection ConfigA connection configuration that was setup in the Databases panelText Block GroupNo
Custom Connection NameA friendly name for your custom database connection configurationText Block GroupNo
Custom Connection DriverThe driver your custom database connection configuration will useText Block GroupNo
Custom Connection StringA custom database connection string/data source name (DSN)Database Connection String Block GroupNo