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Use an Email template to dynamically generate an HTML email. Ideal for transactional emails.


Creating html emails that work across various devices and email clients is a very tricky task.

We've built Comnoco's email generation on top of the MJML library so that it works well across all devices and clients.

This means there are many resources that will help you build great emails, some are listed below:


You can use data passed in from a logix file to build dynamic emails, just define an input parameter (we recommend a Data Structure) so that the callong function can pass it in.

You will then be able to map data from your parameter(s) and you will also be able to add loops and logic to your email blocks. e.g. You can output a row once for every item a customer has bought.


Emails are rendered within Comnoco's backend so every change you make is sent to the backend to render an return. This can lead to a lot of refreshes in the user interface, you can disable auto refreshing if you like.


ParameterParameterValid BlocksRequired
Input ParametersDefine any input parameters which you want to pass in to this template (eg, user data, flags for display certain sections, etc.)Basic Type Block GroupNo
Internal ParametersDefine any variables which you want to use throughout this template which are only to be used in this template here (eg, reusable text strings, number of rows processed).Basic Type Block GroupNo
E-mail MetadataThe metadata for this e-mail, such as the preview and title text, the document language, etcMetadata Block GroupYes
Custom CSS StylesCustom CSS StylesCSS Style Block GroupNo
E-mail StylesE-mail StylesEmail Style Block GroupNo
FontsFontsFont Block GroupNo
ContentContentBody Component Block GroupNo